Healthy Benefits Of A Comfortable Sleep

You might be sleeping for the recommended amount of time, but regardless, if you are uncomfortable, you can end up missing out on important health benefits associated with sleep. During nap time, the body is busy performing critical maintenance tasks such as memory consolidation, muscle repair, and hormone regulation. If you deprive your body of sleep, the body will have a limited time of performing these critical functions hence you will suffer health wise.

5 health benefits of a comfortable sleep:

Skin Revitalization

Most metabolic and hormonal processes occur during sleep time which is very important for your skin. For instance, collagen is produced while you are asleep, meaning that wrinkles and stretch marks will increase if you don’t get enough sleep. Also, more blood will be pumped to the skin during nap time hence giving you a glowing and rosy complexion. With sleep deprivation, there will be reduced blood flow to the skin resulting in a drab and dull complexion.

Weight Control

Sleep has a huge impact on the ability to control and maintain your weight. According to research, with similar exercise and dieting, sleep deprived people will have a 50% less weight loss compared to those having an adequate sleep. This is because the metabolism cannot perform perfectly if one is not well rested. Lack of enough sleep also affects your judgment in regards to food choices whereby a well-rested person will easily say no to unnecessary junk food such as late night snacks whereas those who are sleep deprived will be prone overeating and late night snacking.

Lowers Stress

There is a phenomenon known as the “sleep-stress cycle” which shows the importance of getting enough sleep. The cycle
explains that a person suffering from stress will most probably have trouble sleeping hence will end up being sleep deprived. As a result, the individual is likely to experience more stress due to lack of sleep. This cycle will perpetuate itself and can even lead to depression. To avoid this sleep-stress cycle, you should ensure that you have comfortable sleep conditions to help in boosting your sleep and as a result, you will lower the stress. Also, practices such as yoga and meditation can help you manage your stress before going to bed.

Boosts the Mood

If you get a comfortable and sufficient amount of sleep, your mood can be significantly raised. According to the study conducted by the University of Pennsylvania, people who slept for a maximum of 4.5 hours per day complained of being mentally exhausted, sad, and angry. On the contrary, after the same individuals were subjected to a full night sleep they all had tremendously improved moods. Evidently, when the body gets a sufficient and comfortable sleep, you will have a better control of impulses and emotions. You will properly handle inconveniences and bad news through day ensuring that you make informed choices.

Improves Memory

Human memory has three facets namely acquisition, consolidation, and recall. The acquisition and recalling facet occurs when you are awake, but the most important part is consolidation which occurs while you are asleep. If you get at least 8 hours of comfortable sleep, your brain gets time to process all the information it has picked up through the day. Without adequate sleep, the brain will not consolidate information effectively which will affect your ability to remember clearly.

Evidently, comfortable sleep is not a luxury as many people think of it, but rather, it is essential for the overall health of the individual. With comfortable sleeping conditions, you will spend less time while trying to fall asleep which increases your sleep period. A comfortable and sufficient is a good commitment towards your health.

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